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Learning and Career development is determined by focus and exposure to opportunities. In the open 'big' world 'big' information is scattered widespread and it would be impossible to tap them all at one point. When you forage for information, you can succeed. But your profession is not information searching. We do for you and we offer 'push' service based on your profile which ensure customized service to the subscribers.

Build and write CV

Writing and preparing a good CV can convince the evaluators. While generating curriculum vitae, it is important to add the required content and not to add trivial content. Reflecting insignificant content can lead to rejection.

Peer Review

The review process reflects a very complex system. that peer review is the most robust, explicit, (not biased, particularly the blind review) transparent and equitable process by which research quality can be assessed. It is at the heart of all academic activity.Read more


Plagiarism is now considered as serious issue in the academic and research world. Indulging in plagiarism would result in black listing of authors.Read more

Academia-industry collaboration

Only a few researchers are able to tap the industrial relations in research. Successful research teams can solicit industry to support the research process. This process involves many stages and we train on building academia-industry collaboration.